Mara Lee Carpenter Byrne

  • Mara is a crime novel writer. She lives in Riverside, CA but was born and grew up in Persimmon Hollow, Arkansas. She has dark, wavy hair and brown eyes and olive skin. She has 6 brothers. She had one sister, who died when she was 2 days old.
  • She grew up in a rural community. Her parents, Jesse and Hannah Carpenter, were farmers and they didn’t have a lot of money. They worked hard to provide for their children and they loved their children deeply.
  • In order to improve her chances of a better life, her parents sent her to live with an aunt and uncle in California after she graduated from high school. She went to college in Riverside where she met her future husband, Thomas. She and Thomas never had children, but she did have a miscarriage early into their marriage and they never attempted to get pregnant again.
  • Thomas joined the Army and was away a great deal, leaving her at home to write.
  • She is a quiet, introvert, but is able to reach deep inside herself when she’s in danger to find courage to overcome obstacles.
  • She often speaks her mind, without thinking and she also asks lots of questions, which at times can be annoying. Having 6 brothers she wasn’t one to let men intimidate her.
  • Her favorite color is purple, her favorite music is classic rock and her favorite food is Mexican, although she loves most food. Her favorite book is the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Her favorite movie is the Fugitive.