Alex Joseph Strange

  • Alex is a private Investigator. He grew up in Indiana and moved to California with his best friend Matt Middleton. Alex’s mother committed suicide in his senior year of high school. He found her body when he came home from school. He blames his father for her suicide because throughout their marriage he was demeaning to her and unfaithful. He refused to live with his father after his mother’s death. He stayed with Matt’s family until they moved to California.
  • He has blond soft curls with arctic blue eyes. He’s 6’2” and very athletic. He has deep dimples in his cheeks which make him look sexy and boyish. He’s tanned, but not in a gaudy way, like George Hamilton, but in a healthy outdoorsy way.
  • He’s passionate about helping people and often works pro bono for people who can’t afford his services. He’s caring and compassionate, but not a pushover. He’s smart and not afraid to stand up for what’s right.
  • His favorite color is green, favorite music is jazz and his favorite food is steak and potatoes and chocolate cake. He reads non-fiction, mostly biographies. He is a novice astronomer and loves watching Sci-Fi movies, especially Star Wars and Star Trek. He was crushed when Firefly was cancelled.
  • He never married but had a few serious relationships, but nothing long-lasting.