Tami was born in Riverside, California, the setting for most of her novels. Tami moved to the Florida Panhandle in 2001after living in Arkansas for most of her life.

Her family is her greatest blessing in life. Watching her children grown and now her grandchildren have been one of life’s greatest joy.

In 2010, she self-published her first novel, the result of NanoWrimo challenge. Now, she juggles a full-time job, family, writing, chairing a writer’s group at a local library, and helping other authors. Not an easy task, but definitely rewarding.

She gains inspiration and ideas for her books from life experiences, reading, dreams and interacting with the world. Most of her writing is character driven. A character is presented to her and then she builds the world around the character.

Tami’s goal is to inspire other writers, help them master their craft, teach them how to be successful marketers and promoters, and motivate them to achieve their dreams. Her motto is Aspire to Inspire.

Her only regret is that she didn’t pursue her dreams sooner.