Real Life Crime

The Coed Killer

Edmund Kemper, also known as the coed killer, is a killer and necrophiliac in America. He has murdered 10 people including his mother and his paternal grandparents. Edmund Kemper is known for his large size; he stands at 6 feet and 9 inches tall and has a very high IQ of 145. He is known as the co-ed killer as most of his victims originated from co-ed schools.

He was the only son and the middle child born to Elizabeth and Elmer Kemper. The couple didn’t always get along with one another, which often led to fights. When Ed Kemper was born, he was born at 13 pounds which is almost more than twice the normal weight of a healthy baby. It is also said that his head was bigger than that of a 4-year-olds head. His intelligence also started to show at an early age, and an episode where he buried a cat alive then after it died putting its head of a spike showed Kemper’s true nature early on. He even claims that he enjoyed lying to his family about burying the cat alive. He is said to have fantasies which were very dark and cruel. From a young age, he started to display necrophilia too because when his sister teased him about kissing his teacher, he said he would have to kill her first. He would perform various rituals with his younger sister’s dolls and take their limbs and heads off.

He was a child who was close to his father and had a dysfunctional relationship with his mother. She was an alcoholic woman and would humiliate and belittle him. This made him hate her and rage was being born inside him. She would make him sleep in the basement by locking it as she feared for her girls’ safety and would mock him and ridicule him for his size. Because of all she used to say, it is determined that she may have been suffering from borderline personality disorder.

The first murder he committed was when he and his paternal grandmother had an argument. He stormed off, grabbed a rifle given to him for hunting and shot his grandmother twice. Then he waited for his grandfather to come from the store and shot him too in the driveway. After he called his mother, who suggested he should call the police, he was then taken into custody. The crimes Kemper had committed did not seem like something he could do which is why he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and he was sent to a psychiatric juvenile state hospital.

On his release he then murdered 6 female students, his mother, her friend and raped, and dismembered all their bodies. He was sentenced to prison for 8 concurrent life sentences. He was eligible for parole a few times but was denied it and now is eligible again in 2024.

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