Raymond C Schindler

Born in the northern town of Oswego in Mexico, Raymond C Schindler’s life was not initially exciting. Raymond struggled with odd jobs ranging from a salesman to an insurance agent, to working as a gold-miner. However, little did Raymond know what the future held for him. After finishing his studies at high school in Wisconsin, Raymond responded to a newspaper advertisement. The advertisement was looking for fresh college graduates who might be interested in historical research. Upon responding, Schindler got the job immediately despite only having a high school degree and soon found himself working with the police of San Francisco in their chase against graft-cases involving politicians. His role was crucial, while the police were stringing the information together on the politicians, Raymond was the one behind the curtains, providing them with useful information. Raymond who had hopes of becoming a historian one day, realized his job was more like a detective compared to that of a historian. This seemed like a job Raymond could make a fine career out of, and so he eventually did.

While in San Francisco, he met with William Burns who at a time was serving as a secret service agent. Inspired by his wit and intelligence, William Burns mentored Raymond Schindler and appointed him as his chief lieutenant officer. Schindler soon took over the National Detective Agency which was set up by William Burns upon retiring from the government. The agency was one of the finest private detective agencies in the country, and Raymond Schindler was already heading it as manager in New York. The future looked promising for the young detective and in no time Raymond Schindler was established as one of the finest detectives in all of America. Other detectives and agencies alike looked up to his work and his wit. Raymond was also amongst the very first to use a dictograph in 1911; a new instrument that could record sounds in one room and send them to another. This was revolutionary and much needed for detectives and the use of it set Raymond apart from other detectives.

Raymond Schindler was a man of class and expensive taste. He was popular amongst the detectives and the top choice when it came to hiring a private detective for decades. He was not shy either, he celebrated his success by dining at expensive restaurants, throwing lavish parties and going to high-end clubs. He spent money just as fast as he made it. He has been a part of many books and films, the most popular being “The Complete Detective” by Rupert Hughes.

The greatest detective of the twentieth century passed away in 1959.

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